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The philosophy of Srimad Ananda Teertha Bhagavatpadacharya is something that everyone can experience. It is for this reason that his Siddhanta appeals to the wisdom in all of us and makes sense to us. His thoughts have no blemishes and his teachings have no downsides.

His Granthas are not works of fiction. They are priceless works that throw open the right path for mankind to follow. They are teachings borne out of kindness that have a solution to any and every problem of the material world.

Srimadacharya's Tatvavaada is a sacred Siddantha that gives a detailed explanation about God, gods, jivas and the universe.

Due to worldly inevitabilities, today's society, especially the youth from Madhwa families, are drifting away from Srimadacharyaru, his peerless teachings and the matchless Guruparampare. To prevent them from being deprived of this valuable Tatvajnaana, Vyasa Vijnana Peetham has undertaken the sacred task of making the Tatvajnaana available at your doorstep - to make it come to you, wherever you are.

If you have the desire to savor the sweetness of Srimadacharyaru's Sarvamoola and the wish to tread the path of Sanathana Dharma, I welcome you to my website.

- Vishnudasa Nagendracharya


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- Vishnudas Nagendracharya.

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